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Tiber is full of the temperament of broad, cherry wood door panel brings extremely delicate quality


Choose the granite sink and nickled finished bronze faucet. It looks dignity.rbr

Visual Perception

Tiber gave a new interpretation of Roman neoclassical architectural elements. Line, door panel, hood frame, Roman column and even glass door and counter top, all these are evolved from classical architectural elements. It combines modern living experience, adds functional equipment and riches the storage space.rbr

Heart Feeling

Tiber River is the mother river in Italy, which gave birth to the civilization of the Apennine Peninsula and even the whole Europe. It still calm and deep, cool and noble today. “Tiber” in BORCCI is a kitchen with Italian classical tile and American red cherry wood. Whether perceptual or rational, there is a unique way to enjoy life, and it will be more open-minded mood for the years of accumulation.