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Chinese Pavilion II is not only the prelude of New Chinese Cabinet development, but also the perfect

Chinese Pattern

Well-carved felicity and longevity painting means longevity and luck. A large area of palindrome carving are on the sink cabinet and stove cabinet. Chinese Zodiac looks vividly on cooper ornament and auspicious clouds pattern carries the meaning of harmony and integration.

Copper ornament

Ming-style furniture copper ornament is really exquisite. Door panel has copper straight strip handle. Angle wrapping assures that Ming-style furniture is not be out of shape for a long time using. Manual installation of copper ornament reproduces the original taste and flavor of ancient.rbr

Antique Shelf

Put curio and treasure, or painting and scroll, which gives a sense of depth. Antique shelf is always an elegant and endearing thing, no matter be in practical or in aesthetic.rbr