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Ceramic whiteware, with optical frequency technology, is clear and pure, soft and transparent. Wi

Carved Marble Pillar

Carved marble pillar is a perfect interpretation of baroque decorative art. It is exquisitely carved and handmade , which create a sense of historical precipitation and luxury. It is a symbol of noble status.

Visual Perception

Moving line, show the sense of space and third dimension. Free and smooth outline of the shape, fine and orderly details, which create an elegant home atmosphere.rbr

Heart Feeling

Ellis inherited the popular baroque art style from the end of the 16th century to the first half of 18th century, integrated the complex, gorgeous, dynamic style into the furniture design, and reproduced the original European traditional style. Luxuriant manual carved flowers send out a rich romanticism color and let a person feel classical and exalted atmosphere and cultural grade at any time.