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Follow the modern minimalism, make hard things simple, use the line to fill the space

Island Metal Shelf

The Perfect combination of metal shelf and lacquer shelf. You won’t see the screw from the entire frame metal shelf, which fully continues the minimalist design aesthetics. The embedded LED light makes the orange color look more dynamic and warm.rbr

Gold Storage System

Humanized design, more convenient to takernAccording to the cooking habit of Chinese people, BORCCI combined with ergonomic research to issue a gold storage system, and use double shelf to increase effectively the storage to the rate of 17%. When open wall cabinet and underhanging design echo each other, it will more convenient to store different kinds of spices. Such kind of design will make cooking experience easy and convenient.rn

Open Cabinet on Counter Top

Bilateral symmetry, make the space more clearrnOpen outside, easy to take. The chamfering of shelf and door panel work in concert with each other. It has the symmetric design with the right side open cabinet in space. It also leaves sufficient space for the kitchen corridor at the same time, and lets the kitchen become capacious. The wall cabinet and the base cabinet have oneness and uniqueness extremely.