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BORCCI reelected China Cabinet Double Ten Brand for Five Years in a row

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p style=white-space normal;Recently, China Cabinet Network, the leader of the China Cabinet Industry, held the activity of “2017 China Top Ten Brand” and “2017 China Top Ten Brand Value” and then announced the final honors list.  High-end kitchen cabinet top brand—BORCCI, stands out in the competition of national from each large cabinet brand. BORCCI won the two double ten awards with its enterprise comprehensive strength and brand influence.pp style=white-space normal;It is understood that China cabinet top ten brands, the Chinese kitchen cabinet brand value top ten brands are the Chinese Cabinet Network to launch the heavy weight in the scope of the industry loud and powerful brand rank selection activities. Activity from the network voting, professional evaluation and consumer questionnaire survey three dimensions comprehensive evaluation, a fair and just to selected cabinet top ten brands. The activity aims to cause the extensive concern of society leads the industry development direction, and to promote more rapid development of cabinet ark brand, for many enterprises integral cabinet ark to provide fully show the strength of the platform.pp style=white-space normal; BORCCI, is a company that specializing in integrated kitchen products research, design, production and marketing. Since 2000, it had been the first one to put forward the new concept of “integrated kitchen” in the industry. The new concept promoted the industrial upgrading of “ Cabinet- Integral Kitchen-Integrated Kitchen” in the Chinese kitchen industry.pp style=white-space normal;brpp style=white-space normal; text-align center;img src=httpbochu.xin.cebest.comuploadFilesimage201810291540781208334039801.jpg title=1540781208334039801.jpg _src=cmsbestBoChu..uploadFilesimage201810291540781208334039801.jpg alt=QQ截图20181029104626.jpgpp style=white-space normal;pp style=white-space normal;brpp style=white-space normal;BORCCI constantly improves its comprehensive strength that led by product, service and culture. BORCCI regards the quality as its foundation. BORCCI has its strict quality control on products and good craftsmanship to make the cabinets. BORCCI picks western advanced technology to create the kitchen cabinet world’s black horse products—new Chinese style kitchen. The new style kitchen, like The Tasting Room, Night Hong Tang, Palace Cuisine, The Chinese Zen, Drunk Flowers Room and etc., won different kinds of awards from home and abroad, like “successful design award”, “IAI award”, “gold hook award” and etc. At the same time, the new Chinese style kitchen is warmly welcomed by peers and consumers. In particular, the new product of 2017 “Drunk Flowers Room” had been sold over ten million yuan since it was launched, which deeply demonstrates the insight of BORCCI on Chinese Quality Kitchen.pp style=white-space normal; On service, BORCCI adheres to the principle of customer-focused, parker make best customer experience, which not only in the early stage of the purchase to provide professional, comfortable sales design services, but also provide professional after-sale installation maintenance service in the later. It is understood that at the beginning of BORCCI company, it provides free and regular on-site maintenance service to the whole country. Up to now, BORCCI have provided comfortable kitchen cabinet maintenance services for millions of families across the country.pp style=white-space normal; With the quality culture, BORCCI promotes the improvement of product quality and service quality, and finally drives the improvement of the brand strength. BORCCI has won lots of honors, like “China top ten brand hutch ark brand value”, “2016 annual red star macalline recommended home leading brand of green environmental protection” ,”China quality of hutch ark industry demonstration enterprise”. The achievements of honors are indicated of the continuous development of the brand. At the end of January, the promotional video successfully landed on the outdoor screen of NASDAQ in New York Times Square, which presented the world with a brand name card that made in China. pp style=white-space normal; It is not the first time that BORCCI has appeared on the list. BORCCI had won the award several times since 2012. In September, 2016, BORCCI won two awards, namely “top ten Chinese kitchen cabinets” and “top ten Chinese kitchen cabinet brands”. In 2017, BORCCI was selected again, which shows that the company has been steadily climbing in its overall corporate strength.pp style=white-space normal;The selection from the brand network media exposure coefficient, the scale of production, research and development ability, to evaluate environmental protection level, market coverage, because of its reflection enterprise product and brand strength of comprehensive, objective, has been widespread concern in the industry. In the hutch ark market are shift in the direction of high-end, intelligent, personalized industry background, recently, BORCCI is located in Hangzhou Bay New District intelligent industrial park are also spread the good news. The total investment capital is 800 million yuan, area 800 million acres of new industrial park after the completion of annual output value is expected to reach 1.5 billion, which will become one of China’s leading kitchen industry base. Hutch parker’s comprehensive strength has been further consolidate, under the background of the speeding up of the industry reshuffle, the message is a warm sun in the winter, make the list of kitchen parker brand has become the focus of investors.ppbrp