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Customers are most satisfied with the kitchen brand list BORCCI is on the top of the list

ReleaseTime:February 13, 2017 Clicks:2162

Recently, the China customer satisfaction index SM (C-CSI®) brand list released in Beijing, with the unique industrial design, excellent product quality and excellent customer service. BORCCI was awarded the first brand of integral kitchen industry with the top score of 80.1.


It is understood that China customer satisfaction index rating is China’s leading brand and brand consultancy Chnbrand implementation of all the first category of customer satisfaction evaluation system. Once, launched by the ministry of industry and information technology brand special funds to support policies, which is the Chinese consumers and companies one of the most reliable customer satisfaction evaluation system.


As a high-end kitchen cabinet brand in China, BORCCI has been focusing on products and quality as its source, and has been focusing on high-end kitchen cabinets for many years. In addition to being the first to pass the certification of ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001 system integration, IKEA and other fashion and environmental protection standards in China and the other fashion and environmental protection standards in Sweden, the company has also taken the lead in product industrial design.

Through further observation and analysis of the consumption demand in China for many years, rooting in Chinese cultures, BORCCI will be excellent products of modern technology and classic appearance design perfect fusion, creating the unique high-end kitchen cabinet products—new Chinese style kitchen cabinet. In recent years, through the development of the design end, the series of products such as Chinese Zen and the Drunk Flowers Room have been dominating the high-end integrated kitchen industry in China with their excellent product quality and appearance design.

It is learned that as a continuous annual investigation project, C-CSI releases the latest survey results to the whole society every year. These completely independent from consumers feedback, the real transmission voice, science, real-time evaluation result is an indicator of China’s consumption, for Chinese consumers to make sensible brand provides valuable guidance. And in guiding consumption at the same time, in serious homogeneity of BORCCI industry and hold the wind under the prevailing market conditions, which has reflected the listed the commercial value of the brand.


As one of the comprehensive strength of an enterprise, service capability is an important index to consider the degree of satisfaction of an enterprise. Since Jan. 1st , 2017, BORCCI has launched the “revitalizing family” program. BORCCI’s free service experts go to consumers’ home to provide the “five hearts” service. The services are included to clean the counter top, cabinets and etc. At the same time, the experts adjust the hardware, which make the kitchen more neat and tidy. Through the strengthening of service awareness and the forging of service execution, BORCCI sticks to the brand and is determined to provide first-class products and services for customers. 

Exploring kitchen space also makes BORCCI to constantly seek the new metamorphosis. Since this year, BORCCI’s world-class smart base has been put into use, and the case has become one of the domestic world-class 4.0 kitchen cabinet manufacturing industry base. The base is not only has the groundwork for BORCCI, but also give a new dream for BORCCI in the future. It is believed that with the growing of the young consumption and upgrading of high-end consumption concept, BORCCI’s originality products will get more consumers’ welcome.