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Landing in New York Times Square Delivering An International Image

ReleaseTime:2018.02.15 Clicks:2559

From Jan. 25th to Jan. 27th, the video of BORCCI successfully landed on the Nasdaq outdoor screen in New York Times Square. Times Square, the central city of New York, which is the world-class landmark that combines culture and finance. Due to its popularity and world status, the Times Square is known as the “crossroads of the world”. BORCCI displayed its product video in public, which showed the company’s corporate strength and determination to have a business overseas. 

It is understood that the half cylindrical NASDAQ giant screen, which standing still in New York Times Square, change the color in different season of a year. The change seems to announce the uncertain change of the world financial center. The giant screen represents the significance that is far beyond the value of signs. The screen is known as “The World’s First Screen” due to its large size and world-wide influence. For the companies around the world, landing on the NASDAQ screen is not only raising the brand awareness, but also becoming a symbol of the world and the success.


BORCCI, regards the quality as the foundation, which specializes in research, design, production and sales of integrated kitchen and is the first one that puts forward to the concept of “integrated kitchen”. The concept promotes the Chinese kitchen industry to achieve “kitchen cabinet- integrated kitchen-integrated kitchen” industry upgrade. At the beginning, BORCCI positions on the high-end kitchen, brings in advanced technology and professional designers team and the most advanced IPD product development operation system in industry. BORCCI, with strong design and research and development capabilities, develops rapidly in Chinese high-end kitchen cabinets market.


And with the expanded distribution map, BORCCI is also accelerating pace of internationalization. As early as in 2010, BORCCI payed lots of money to sign Germany “Red Dot Award” design master Stefan Ambrozs to be its chief designer and brought international design concept into Chinese kitchen. Under the circumstance of serious product homogeneity, BORCCI products the new Chinese style with differentiation. In the field of design, BORCCI wins lots of awards, such as “ark of hutch of Chinese industry design award”,”2009 China innovation design red star award”, “the most successful design awards 2011”,”IAI award”, etc.

Brand is the intangible asset of an enterprise. On the brand strength, BORCCI always wins the honor, like “ark of BORCCI of China top ten brand”, “China top ten brand BORCCI ark brand value”, “China quality of BORCCI ark industry demonstration enterprises”. The combination between BORCCI and Exchange Space ( a TV program that displayed on CCTV Financial Channel) demonstrates the brand strength and popularity of the BORCCI and helps BORCCI to become popular in millions of domestic consumers.

It is understood that the development of the BORCCI has been not satisfied with the current excellent results. In Hangzhou Bay New District, BORCCI establishes its own intelligent kitchen cabinet industry base. This industry base, with a total investment of 800 million yuan and a planned land area of 258 mu, will have an annual output value of 1.5 billion yuan and become a world-class intelligent kitchen cabinet industrial base. This time, logging into the NASDAQ is not only a manifestation of the comprehensive strength of the company, but also an expression of the corporate vision.