As a high-end kitchen cabinet brand, BORCCI specialized in the research, design, production and sales of integrated kitchen products. In 2000, the Chairman and CEO of Fotile Group, Mr. MAO zhongqun, proposed the new concept of integrated kitchen to promot

Our MissionFor the Happiness of Millions of Families

pNingbo BORCCI Integrated Kitchen Co., Ltd. provides high-quality kitchen and household products, advocates a healthy and environmental friendly and tasteful lifestyle, and enables millions of families to enjoy a happier home life. At the same time, the pursuit of the material and spiritual happiness of all employees makes the company's "big family" even better.p

Our VisionBecome a great company

pBecoming a new model of the Five Hearts brand, a new paradigm for employees' homes, a new paradigm for social responsibility, and a new paradigm for excellence in businessp

Our Value

pThe Integration of People Character, Corporate Spirit and Product Quality.p

ConfucianismBenevolence, Righteousness, Manners, Wisdom, and Credit.Honest, Shame, Diligence, Brave and rigor.

pAs a practitioner of Confucianism, Borcci affects employees with benevolence in management system and employees’ behavior. The Chairman and CEO of Fotile Group, Mr. MAO zhongqun, summed up company Confucianism to ten words Benevolence, Righteousness, Manners, Wisdom, and Credit.  Honest, Shame, Diligence, Brave and rigor.p

Only in the coldest time would the cypress wither

pFacing of time, our life is limited while nature gives cypress longevity. Two hundred million years ago, it plunged into Earth. After millions of years experiencing extreme heat and enduring winter, it grew into a tall tree. With cultural inheritance as thousands of years history advance, cypress spirit has closely connected with national soul. Its unique natural attributes are personalized and endowed with moral and ethical connotations which became the representative of noble personality. Holy Confucius also learned from cypress said "Only in the coldest time would the cypress wither!" Artisan ancestor Luban was also fond of it, not only because it was the material of buildings and Used to make furniture to meet the needs of our life, but also advocate the natural simplicity.p

Snow cannot destroy our ambition;
cold doesn’t change our character

pBorcci used cypress as a metaphor for borcci’s culture. Snow cannot destroy our ambition; cold doesn’t change our character, although in bad conditions we still maintain our personality of integrity and perseverance and carry forward, which also heralded the prosperous future of Borcci. At the same time, the scientific design, integration of kitchen functions, rational planning of kitchen space, with humanized, modern kitchen parts makes the kitchen mostly optimized and goes beyond the traditional kitchen function.p

BORCCI’s Social Responsibility

legal compliance, moral consciousness, integrity management, harmonious development

pAs an enterprise that pursuing excellence, BORCCI is committed to providing customers with world-class products and services, and makes efforts to assume social responsibilities and to become an excellent corporate citizen. The social responsibility of BORCCI includes Legal Responsibility, Development Responsibility and Moral Responsibility. BORCCI’s goal is to systematize and normalize social responsibility, and combine it with the company’s development strategy, so as to become a great enterprise that takes responsibility.p

BORCCI is in action